Professional Development

Many people find that they are required to give presentations as part of their jobs. Whether you looking to combat your nerves or develop your speaking skills and give more effective presentations the Edinburgh Speakers Club can help.  

The Edinburgh Speaker’s Club offers a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and improve your public speaking.  The Club’s method is about practising speaking, being evaluated and improving when you next come to speak.  

How you develop your speaking is up to you and your assignments can be tailored to help your professional needs.  We can help you improve your skills in a number of areas:

By attending the club and practising speaking you will learn about the various aspects of public speaking - the dramatic difference you can make to your presentation through the use of pace, pitch and modulation of the voice,  The importance of what your body is saying to the audience. The value of wisely chosen vocabulary and the evocative power of metaphor to paint pictures in the minds of your audience.  These aspects and more can help you give presentations that are convincing, entertaining and informative.  

For anyone who manages staff, evaluating performance and giving constructive feedback is a part of job.  The speakers club offers you the opportunity to practice these skills by analysing members’ speaking and offering feedback that will help them improve in the future.  

Being able to Run effective meetings where all necessary matters are discussed and decisions are taken in a timely manner is valuable skill to have.  The club offers you the chance to sharpen up your chairmanship skills by chairing club meetings and being evaluated on your performance.


In personal and professional life there are many occasions when you may be asked to “say a few words” and there are a series of devices and strategies that can be used in order to deliver a short, memorable and insightful speech.