Do you have a big occasion coming up?

Are you dreading the speech you’ll have to make?

Speaking for an Occasion

We can help!

Our aim is to help speakers achieve speaking confidence and we have a great track record in producing skilled public speakers

Whatever the occasion is, that you need to speak at, we can design a programme of  development that gives you the confidence to do it well.

We can teach you how to use the pace, pitch and power of your voice to illuminate your speeches. We can teach you how to construct word pictures and use vocabulary to bring colour to stories you tell.  We can teach these and the many other aspects of effective public speaking.  

Our method is based upon practice in a friendly environment with advice offered by other members.  Our club meets every two weeks because good quality speeches require significant preparation and practice time.  

Depending on the speaker it can vary how quickly it takes to develop confidence in speaking but we find that our method has helped many people and we think it can help you.   

We can help you prepare for all of the following: