Edinburgh Speakers Club
Achieve speaking confidence

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Our Method

Every time people speak at the club there speech is evaluated by another member.  The focus of evaluation is on encouraging what is good whilst offering advice on how to improve.  Our method for achieving speaking confidence is laid out in the 'Speakers Guide' and is based around completing a series of assignments.

The guide also gives advice on topics (impromptu speaking), chairmanship and the conduct of meetings.  It is the basis of the work of the club and gives members advice on the full range of speaking activities both within the club and outwith.

Ordinary Certificate

The starting point for any new speaker is the ordinary certificate; the assignments develop the basic public speaking skills.  

After successfully completing the first five assignments members receive an interim certificate of achievement.  After completing the 10 assignments members receive the ordinary certificate of achievement and may move on to the advanced assignments.    

Advanced Certificate

Members must  successfully complete the four mandatory assignments  and one voluntary assignment to be awarded the advanced certificate.  



Members may, if they wish, deviate from the requirements of the advanced certificate to suit their own development.